June 19, 2005


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What a beautiful morning. It rained last night which took away some of the humidty for the morning. Had a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruits, Guatemalan naturally grown coffee, scrambled eggs wrapped in corn tortilla topped with homemade salsa. After breakfast picked up my friend from her hotel and headed to my land. With the recent rains everywhere is green and luscious and that is all we can comment on. As we got closer to the land we could smell the sweet musky smell of the river. Parked the car on the side of the road as our drive way is muddy and I really did not want to get stuck. As we walked into the gateway we both just stopped. We remained still as thirty or so butterflies flutter around us. Very bright colours just dancing in the sunlight. I tried to capture them but I only had my little digital camera and all the fluttering ones came out blurry. My American friend was impressed with the site of the butterflies and the sweet smell of my land. Did a tour of my house and front acre of land with its new plants. All doing well except for one avocado tree. As we were leaving the land some of the butterflies landed on the ground and on my banana skin I still had in my hand so again I started to take pictures. At the gate cows on their way home and a lone dog nipping at their heels to keep them moving met us. I am now home at the computer and still have the rest of the day to accept more teachings and knowledge. Peace, Joy and Blessings



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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