August 3, 2005


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It’s been a long time since I have been able to find time to write my Blog. Marlene and I have been so busy going back and forth to the land. So many decisions have to be made about the house. The inside work on the house is now moving along, like laying large Mexican red tiles through the courtyard and putting in countless outlets for all my electrical equipments. Some things we would like to do/ or not do on the house, is not allowed by law, so we have to think of alternate ideas. The weeding is taking a lot of effort even with four of us. I need to hire a crew of at least ten workers to weed (any volunteers) but since I cannot afford to do so, we four will just keep steadily weeding. Our fruit trees are doing quite well, the star fruit has been blooming for a few days now. I was told to leave the blossom on and I would have fruits soon. Marlene and I decided to make beds for our dogs Rusty Ashanti Warrior and Jabali. It has been raining a lot and the dogs sleep on the porch but it is very damp. The vet suggested that we take them off the tiles, so Marlene and I made them wooden beds with foam bedding. See pictures how cute the dogs are in their beds. I think of each and every one that is reading my blog and wish for you Happiness, Joy, Abundance, Prosperity, Peace, Good Health and Many Blessings from the Great Spirit and The Ancestors. Ashe



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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