July 24, 2006


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It has been a long time since my fingers danced and played across the keyboard. So much and yet so little has happened in this passing of time. Our builder, a Black American living in Belize for the last twenty years turned out to be not a man of his word. Our house is unfinished and he has the money. Presently there are four cases against him at the Supreme Court.
Belize has taught me so much and being filled with the Sage and Ancestor’s love, I just keep going, using all of their gifts. The powers of darkness/crooked builders cannot stop what God has placed in me. I walk and work on the land – singing songs of praise and gratitude.
I am surrounded by the glory of this land. Ocean water, Ancient caves, Rivers flowing by, Hundred year old trees and do not forget the great pyramids. We have got it all. My heart is singing – feeling like a thousand fluttering of wings of butterflies from outside my door. I am soaring beyond this world. My vibrations are if a thousand parrots have lifted me up.
For my Canadian/American friends and relatives who ask, when will I move back to North America my answer is simple. I traveled so many roads before following my dreams. Now I am singing songs of love and gratitude. Living in a place like this, trampling across the land and seeing all the wisdom that is placed in front of me, have awoken me to the truth of living so there is no turning back.
The work to keep the jungle at bay in the acre that we have cleared is quite a task for just two people. Marlene and I take it in stride and make sure we enjoy the land and joy that comes to us as we work. The fruit trees are doing very well even after being attacked by we-we ants. In another two weeks we will be harvesting green bananas and plantains. Guavas and coffee beans will be ready to be picked in three weeks. I do know that the great one and the Ancestors are walking this land hand in hand with Marlene and I.
Here is to God and the Ancestors with love and Blessings. Winsom.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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