December 11, 2005


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Well it is the eleventh of December fourteen days before Christmas and twelve days to my Birthday and I am no closer to moving into our house. The contractor is going at snails pace to do the finishing work. He only has two people working on it. When we speak to him he tells us he is trying to get it finished as soon as possible but I no longer believe him.Marlene is the only one speaking to him at this point. So much has gone wrong with this project.At this point all I can think is that the Universe and Ancestors are trying to teach me Patience and Grace.
My repetitive syndrome from use of the computer is much better but I am still watching how much time I spend on it. I cannot believe that I hated computers so much and it was Djanet and Nalo that convinced me it would be much easier to update my CV’s etc.if I used a computer. Remembering those days of sheets of typing paper and whiteouts make me cringe. I must say I do miss getting letters in the mail where I would read them over and over sipping on cups of spice tea. I have decided that when I move to my house I will take Sunday afternoons to write letters on beautiful paper, maybe made by me. I will have my fountain pens and different coloured inks on my desk looking out over the garden onto our gorgeous mountain range.I am so Blessed and full of Gratitude. Much Love, Joy, Peace, Happinesss and Abundance to all.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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  1. Anonymous

    Winsom – I haven’t heard yet if the hurricanes had bothered you in any way. It seems you were ok though. I kept checking but I may have been on the wrong track. What I have seen of the place looks good so far though I can empatise with the delays. Never fails my dear.
    (Received the card – Thanks).

    Be safe.


  2. winsom

    Hey Locksley,
    I am so glad to finally hear from you.I wish you were my builder…I sure would have got everything the way I wanted it. I expected things to be late but not six months late. I am living in the mountains so hurricanes do not affect us, just lots of rain.Hope things on the home front is going well. Blessings. Winsom

  3. Christina Springer

    Dear Winsom,

    I love the sentiment you expressed about the physical, sensual way of taking in communication from loved ones.

    When we moved here to London, a friend wrote me the most exquisite note. It lives on my bed side table – even now – seven months later.

    In touching something touched by a beloved – somehow – the energy races across space and we end up being able to physically connect.