August 31, 2008

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31 July 2008 “I am very proud about Miss Tara and Mrs. Winsom because I really liked the program. For me it was fun. I hope that next summer they do it too. For the 2 weeks that I came to do yoga I learned a lot because the first day that I came I didn’t know nothing about yoga. I really want to appreciate them for their time and being so kind to us. Today I have learned at least a little bit about yoga. I am proud to teach anybody who want to learn about yoga. Even though I didn’t know a lot but I would like to teach them. I feel good for coming to the summer program. I also learned some new games and coming to class is fun. I would like to tell everyone to come and enjoy yourself and you will see that yoga class has a lot of entertainment. So don’t miss it next year if they do summer class, to come because we had a lot of fun. I would like to thank Mrs.Winsom and her daughter and also my mother for letting me come to this summer class”

31 July 2008 “During the two weeks I learned a lot of yoga with Miss Tara and painting with Miss Winsom. During the days that I went it was awesome doing yoga. I learnt a lot of poses. I wish Miss Tara to come back next year and do yoga and I will attend her classes although I will be going to high school. The only thing that I didn’t like doing is the warrior 3 because you need to have balance and you have to be strong in you belly. Maybe in the future I will become a yoga teacher, maybe when I finish my career in high school then to 6 form then to University. I don’t know if Miss Winsom will be able to see me grow up and teach yoga. Maybe some of us will be married already. Some of us might not continue living here but anyways I need to study. And I thank Miss Winsom and Miss Tara for all their support.”



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