July 10, 2005

It rained all through the night, so I knew my land where I am planting would be very muddy. I had set the alarm for four thirty and when it went off I was still in a deep sleep. Knew I had to get up, because the boys next door would be up and ready to go at five o’clock as we had arranged an early start. We had twenty-five very large holes to dig on the land. Made a quick breakfast of oats porridge and fruits, gave the dogs water .As we were taking the car through the gates my neighbors boys Emil and Anthony came down the steps. My job on the site was to mark the spots for the new plants, label the ribbons to tie on the plants and be a relief digger. Marlene and the boys dug the holes and wrestle with the stones. A section of the land we are planting is near an old creek bed that is very rocky. It is now ten o’clock the holes are all dug and we are four very tired beings. Decided to call it a day because the sun is now very hot and we have not gone to market and I can hear the fruits calling. Drove home, had a very quick shower and we were at the market by eleven a.m. The best of the market is over, so we picked from the fruits and vegetables that have been picked over. Went to our French bakery to pick up Marlene’s favorite, which is sweet bread but it was all sold out. After a few other errands we went home. The temperature is now 105º F in the shade, there is nothing else to do but stretch out in the hammock with a large cold glass of ginger-lime drink. Many Blessings coming your way from the land of the Mayans.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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