The many faces of fire have always intrigued me, as it has, humans from the beginning of time. From the gentle comforting flicker of a candle flame to a raging inferno, ready to consume all. I was burning wood and took pictures to capture the essence of the fire, so sacred to many cultures. + Fire, is the mediator between the spirit world and this one, and it is seen as a most potent connection to the realm of spirits. Fire opens the gateway to the world of the ancestors. Its function is to put us humans back on our spiritual track by consuming that which stands between us and purpose. When I looked at the pictures I took. I saw Fire Beings walking in the fire. Thus my creative juices started to flow and this picture became part of my Element show. I always remember fires intrinsic ability to use its power.


Mixed / Installation Photography Handmade bamboo bowls paint


122 X 92 cm


FIRE (from The Elements Installtion)