June 30, 2005


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The last two days have been wonderful weather, lots of sunshine and not too hot. The builders have been working very hard, trying to get as much done before the rains start again. I have also been working hard, between going to the land and looking after my young dog Jabali who is sick. Worrying about her, calling the vet in a couple of times. Thanks to the good fresh foods and fruits I am keeping up with it all. Little by little, every thing will get down. Kindness is a great gift to give. Blessings



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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  1. Christina Springer

    Hi Winsom – I was reading about the many trees you are planting and the stipulations you are going to put on them being cut down. I think it is beautiful.

    One of our favorite parks here in London (UK) is Clissold Park. It became a pubic park because the original owner placed an easement against the land saying that the trees may never be cut down. Many, many generation later – when the land had been sold many times and big manor estates were no longer affordable or practical, it became a park. It became a park because it was “useless land” which could neither be farmed or subdivided for housing.

    Interesting how something which makes the land beautiful with a diverse ecosystem is considered “useless” by some.

  2. winsom

    Hello Christina,Thanks for your input.We are working on creating a foundation to preserve the land we are caretaking.I need to leave enough money so that generations to come will make sure that it is well looked after and then the government will never have a say.Are you Christina Springer from the USA …the film maker.

  3. Christina Springer

    I’m thrilled you remember me in my filmmaker incarnation. Thank you for your long memory.

    Most recently – I have been Christina Springer – obscure dance/theatre author, performance artist or poet and fundraising consultant. Eventually – my own artistic choices had to generate…not deplete income.

    These days – I am Christina Springer – mother of a 2 year old man-child and 18 year old new-woman.

    Feel free to email me svahairie at gmail dot com – especially if you are needing proposal feedback on preserving this beautiful land you have chosen to care-take.