August 14, 2005


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Marlene and I decide we were going to have Jabali spade, as we cannot afford the cost of maintaining a litter if she were to become pregnant. We kept her away from food and fluids and had been told by the vet to bring her in at 1:30 pm for surgery. Jabali was put into a cool room and given sedation and then to sleep. The vet said she would be ready to go home at 3:00pm. Marlene wants to stay and watch/assist, I guess she is missing her nursing and being in a medical setting. At three p.m. I returned to pick up Marlene and Jabali. Jabali is still sedated, but weakly waves her tail in acknowledgement. The vet and his son carried Jabali and placed her in the back of the truck. I paid for her surgery, painkillers and antibiotics and slowly we drive home. Jabali will have her stitches removed in fourteen days. Rusty our other dog greeted us at the gate and appeared puzzled, because he does not see Jabali jumping out of the van as she usually does. Marlene and I put Rusty on his chain, and we carefully lifted our precious cargo out, as Rusty watches and wonders about the afternoon’s events. We carefully put Jabali to bed where she drifts off to sleep. Joy and Blessings are wished for all.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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