May 27, 2005


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Yesterday we had a cyclone that came suddenly and lasted for forty-five minutes. We had heavy fork lightening, winds at fifty-five miles per hour, Hugh hailstones and raindrops so large I was more scared of the rain than the hailstones. The funny thing I sat on my hammock watching this huge blue-black cloud with lightening coming across the sky. I kept saying if I were in the Midwest I would say we have a tornado on our hands. Yes it was like a huge tornado over a town and a village. No one was hurt but the two public schools that was a hurricane shelter were destroyed. I watched as the wind twisted and turned hugh mango trees, root and all into the air and toppled them over. It was scary but fascinating to watch from inside my home. Many buildings lost their roofs; one older small house was placed on top of a light pole and wires.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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