October 12, 2006

AGAPE- ultimate love

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Every second I live continues to amaze me and I have lived 1,887,182,803 seconds already and hope to live many, many more. Belize is teaching me many things. For those who know me, everything was yesterday but here I am, learning patience and I am learning it very well.
Presently I am reading, “Longing for Darkness – Tara and the Black Madonna”, “Autobiography of a Yogi “, “Frida Kahlo – the Brush of Anguish” and “ A Rosicrucian Notebook – The Secret Sciences Used by Members of the Order”. Some of these books I had bought many, many moons ago. I just could not settle down to reading them. I am now realizing that the real reason was that the time was not right; I would not be able to accept or carry out the lessons that I would be taught. The lesson from each is one and the same. It is about agape – ultimate love, living life to the fullest and relying on our inner knowledge. Over the years I have come to realize that we all have the answers inside ourselves. We just need to go down deep and find it and then it means so much more to us, because we came up with the answer for ourselves. It is so much easier to ask someone for the answer than searching for it within ourselves. Once we awaken our memory to what we have to do, everything will flow for us. Finding our center and moving forward will bring us lots of happiness and I just cannot wait to see all of us in that space. I am well and happy. Much Love to All. Blessings.



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