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Shamanic Workshops

Ocean Spirit Fire Temple

Winsom is a Visionary, Healer and Spiritual Artist who has grounded herself in learning and living the wisdom passed on to her by the Ancestors. Winsom is firmly grounded in African Spirituality, although she does draw on the knowledge of all people whose practice is earth based.

Winsom is a reader who uses the messages received from the Ancestors to help others to understand what is happening presently in their lives.

Winsom has studied and worked with other healers including Nana Akua Oparebea, High Priestess at Akonedi Shrine in Larteh, Nana Kwaku כֿTeauasoכּ Fetish Priest of Ghana, and Malidome Patrice Some.

Winsom has been through many initiations and Rituals in Africa, Cuba, Central, and North America.

Winsom continues to bring about the synchronization of her art and Spirituality and believes “true power originates from internal spiritual enlightenment, and that we must use this power to reach our higher selves: creating harmony”.

Spirit / Shamanic / Trance Dance

Winsom weaves together strands from traditional West African, Native American and Earth Based Sources of Ancient and Contemporary forms. Through the dance Spirit is invited to embody us, to heal though spiritual ecstasy

Participants are invited to explore the Spiritual power that is within each of us that music and dance can bring forth. Through the dance participants will find their inner guide which will help to empower themselves and celebrate their strength and return home, causing us to feel the ecstasy of spiritual wholeness.

There are no steps, no expectations. Spirit knows the dance and once awakened, Spirit takes over

Come with an open HEART

This is an adult workshop


The Re- emergence of Spirituality

It is compelling and profound to remember why we have come into this life.

Start living the life we have come to live. Spirituality affects every part of our
lives whether on a conscious or unconscious level.

We will look at spiritual resources that have long been a part of indigenous and ancient cultures; that now mirrors new age thoughts, like the law of attraction. We will look at how to embody these resources in ways that are meaningful within our contemporary culture.

It is about who we are individually, and how we can move forward to meet the challenging and changing times.

This workshop is open to all.


Rituals for specific reasons are also created by the participants and guided by Winsom and her team.

Rituals are geared to different age groups.

For information on fees and availability please contact