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“Within Winsom’s chosen conceptual scheme, art is no longer a physicalist creation of material forms and shapes, it is a prayer, a ritual, a sacrifice and an incantation to the Orishas (or divinities)…”

Nkiru Nzegwu, Curator, Artist and Professor of Art History State University of New York

My childhood was a combination of being taught at home with a syncretic merging of African, Native and European beliefs and practices.   My ancestors who survived the “middle passage” began the process of passing on to me the symbols and thoughts of Africa. It is with these influences that I do my art.

             My art work interprets images of the elements, land, animal and human presence in the context of Afro-centric value system. Spirituality becomes central to the imagery; respect for the elements guides human passage. Connections are established between different levels of existence through symbols in line and colour giving my work a ritualistic quality. As a  person of many cultural heritage’s;  African , Maroon , Arawak , Spanish and Scottish ancestries,  I bring to my   work  a spirituality which manifests itself through a syncretism of African-based religions and through  deeply personal experiences.

            The world is my art gallery and the black experiences is an explosion of colour, sound and performance. My present day imagery can be ascribed directly to the ancient African religion of Ifa and the Ashanti which have mediated the relationship between the land of the living and the dead with an organic living structure. Growing as an artist, developing an awareness of my identity, and discovering the secrets and powers of my tools.  I do not separate my life and my art. My life is my art – My art is my life.



Collection of artwork created between 1955 and Present


1995   Hope O Canada

For My Mother – Visual Prayer Feast




Painted Photography Fences